How to use Acrobat Reader

These instructions will help you read PDF files either in the browser or as separate downloads.

  1. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program for your platform from Adobe's website.

  2. Installation of the program will also place the plugin into your browser. This will allow the PDF files to show up within the browser.

  3. For larger files, it is recommended that you download them to your computer and open them in the Reader. Simply press on the link to bring up a menu, and select "Download to Disk" or "Save This Link As".

    This gives better results than viewing files in the browser with a plug-in because you will have the whole file and can open it in the Acrobat Reader program. The browser may have difficulty displaying larger files, especially if you are on dialup.

  4. Once you have the file on your harddrive, set Acrobat Reader to view the file at 100% and print.

  5. File sizes will be in the title that pops up over the link when you mouse over it.

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