City of Rochester NH - 2015 [TBD]

The Rochester Regional Republican Committee is under formation to include the city and towns of Rochester, Farmington, Milton, New Durham, and Middleton.

Authentic Republicans interested in joining this committee please contact Mac Kittredge Chairman Pro Tem at 603-534-4243 or by email

Download a copy of the PROPOSED ByLaws.

Your City Demographic Data - Rochester

Your City Committee - Under Construction - Rochester Regional Republican Committee

Your District info for Elected Officials are:

  • US Congress - 1
  • Executive Council - 3
  • County Commissioner - 3
  • NH Senate - 6
  • NH House - Strafford 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 22, 23, and 24

Who Are My Elected Officials in Rochester?

[This will be updated soon to include info for whichever towns join this committee]

House of Representatives

Senator - District 06
Wards 1-6

Executive Council - District 02

Three Strafford County Commissioners are 'At Large'

Who is My Strafford County Republican Committee Representative?

Chairman Randall Bowen

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