Strafford County numbers as of now:

+3 net gain, which erases our 2018 net loss of 3.

Rochester is where most of the action happened:

Earlier numbers from last night showed us with a +4 net gain county-wide, having Harrison deBree winning by *1* vote in St-7 (Rochester-1). Now the numbers show him down by 10 votes. There will be a recount. All three Rochester floterials went Republican, including keeping St24 – which was Mona Perreault, who did not run again; Sue DeLemus who ran, and won! And we flipped the other two flotes: St22 went to Tom Kaczynksi, and St23 went to Fenton Groen! Cliff Newton returns after many years (last served in 2012) to take the ward 2 seat previously held by Steve Beaudoin, who chose to not run again. And of course Aidan Ankarberg sailed right in, having been unopposed in ward 3. And Mac Kittredge will be returning to serve ward 5!

Another possible/likely recount: Strafford-2 (Farmington). Reps Horgan and Pitre won reelection, but Rep Pitre is up by only 23 votes over the lone Dem for the two seat district.

Newcomer Glenn Bailey won St1 (Middleton / Milton) along with incumbent Peter Hayward. Mike Harrington and Kurt Wuelper will be returning to serve St3 (New Durham / Strafford).

And a huge win in Barrington, sending Len Turcotte back! He chose to not run for reelection in 2018, to focus on work. We ended up having a net loss in St4 in 2018, with an anti-gun, leftist extremist narrowly slipping in. Len was the top vote-getter this time, and ousted Matt Towne! Though unfortunately, Rep. Levesque will be returning. Only 240 votes separated 1st and 4th place in the largest single-polling-place district in the county, so it was a narrow loss for the wonderful Jenny Wilson.